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Mutoh RJ-900X  1080mm Draft Station

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MUTOH RJ-900X Draft Station

42” (1080 mm) attractively priced printer

1440 nozzle variable drop piezo inkjet head (CMYK)

Worry-free water based inks

Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving printing technique inside

Space saver design – safe & easy to use


The DrafStation RJ-900X printer is an attractively priced 42” wide inkjet printer for water-based inks. The printer is fit for both startup and established businesses wanting a professional device for a wide variety of graphics and CAD applications.


The RJ-900X delivers consistent quality for volume production runs as well as short print runs. Continuous printing is made possible by the integrated motorised torque-controlled take-up system.


Typical CAD applications encompass industrial design, space engineering, car building, production of spare parts, ship building, architectural design, GIS applications, etc ...


Using dye and pigmented water-based inks, the DrafStation RJ-900X printer is also suited for the production of high quality graphics for indoor and short term outdoor use, e.g. posters, large-format reproductions of portrait photographs, fine art reproductions, proofs of packaging designs, hard proofs of press print work, prints with very strict colour requirements, etc.





1440 nozzles Piezo Print Head


The DrafStation RJ-900X printer incorporates a high end drop on demand variable drop print head. This 1440-nozzle piezo head (8 lines of 180 nozzles) incorporates four colour sections, each divided in two nozzle rows with 360 nozzles per colour. As all colour sections are united in one head, there is no need for time-consuming head-to-head calibration procedures. The print head is capable of firing ink dots as small as 3.6 pl.


Stunning Performance

The DrafStation RJ-900X printer offers you a wide range of print modes and speeds. The overview below lists the most popular ones.


Quality Production – 540x720 dpi: 9.3 m²/h

Production – 360x720 dpi: 13.0 m²/h

Speed Production – 360x360 dpi: 18.5 m²/h

Max Print Speed – 360x360 dpi: 63.0 m²/h

Mutoh Dye & Pigmented CMYK water-based VOC free inks offer a wide colour gamut, superior line output and sharp edges, ideal for high quality poster printing. Whereas the Mutoh dye based inks are suited for interior prints, Mutoh pigmented inks are ideal for long-term indoor graphics as well as for short term outdoor applications.

Maximize your Profit with Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving (i²) Print Technology


The DrafStation RJ-900X incorporates Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving (i²) print technology, enabling a drastic reduction or even total elimination of the typical difficulties inherent to conventional digital inkjet printing, such as horizontal banding, step mismatch banding and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles.


One of the biggest benefits of this proprietary Mutoh print technology is that it offers predictable and repeatable output quality, therefore bringing an unprecedented level of user comfort to the printer operator. ValueJet printer users will be able to print ideal quality images fit for purpose every time, in the shortest possible time.


Media Handling


The DrafStation RJ-900X printer can handle 2” & 3” core rolls. The standard DrafStation RJ-900X printer comes with a stand and a 2” media scroller* for non-motorised roll-off. Continuous printing is made possible by the motorised torque-controlled take-up system.


* : Optional 3” core adaptors available


Graphics Applications

The DrafStation RJ-900X is suited for the production of photo-quality 3D renderings, posters, large-format reproductions of portrait photographs, fine art reproductions, proofs of packaging designs, hard proofs of press print work, prints with very strict colour requirements, precise line drawings and CAD or GIS applications.



A Windows system driver is available, compatible with Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  For intensive graphics applications, Mutoh recommends purchasing a dedicated RIP software.


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