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Rollover Flatbed Applicator

The innovative Rollover Flatbed Applicator simply offers a better way of solving the daily challenges of the sign making industry. The excellent functionality is powered by the idea of facilitating and streamlining the multiple tasks encountered in the daily work of signmakers. Regardless of media type such as self-adhesive foil applications, road signs, glass application, banners etc. up to 90mm in thickness, the Rollover will ensure a perfect result at a minimum of time.

Flatbed Applicator

Free Acces to Roller

Easy one hand operation

Solid, LED illuminated work station

Protected activation button

" Let the Rollover do the work for you "

Self healing cutting mat

Protected activation button

Large side pockets

Large side pockets

No Leveling required

Easy to move around

Optimal ergonomic work positions have been the basis for the design. Being able to comfortably operate the laminator with one hand whilst having free access to roller, media and tabletop, results in smooth and effective handling. We can guarantee that the operator will not miss the climbing and knee-bending… Perfectly flat application without bubbles or creases is  obtained in a minimum of time, and waste is minimized. Illuminated glass tabletop and special cutting mat will improve accuracy and control in operation, and also make the Rollover a perfect work place for many other tasks of the trade.

The Rollover is extremely user-friendly, and the operator can learn how to use it in less than one hour thanks to the detailed Manual supplied on delivery. Flexible extra media-holders and side trays facilitate numerous applications and handling of oversize media. The gap between roller and tabletop accomodates different substrates up to 90mm thickness.

Areas of use

Rigid panel application

Applying digital prints and other

self-adhesive applications on rigid panels e.g. correx, foames, dibond, aluminium etc., is just one of the areas where the Rollover reveals its excellent properties in result and operation. Substrates up to 90mm thick can be handled for perfectly flat applications without bubbles or creases.

Application on glass- and

acrylic substrates

Also when applicating digital prints or application tapes to glass- and acrylic plates, the Rollover demonstrates its high level of efficiency and flexibility.

The roller pressure ensures perfect result without any use of water.

Application tape wind up

Executing frequently occuring tasks like the use of application tape, is easily transformed into a One man- or one woman show. By using the extra media holders, the full width of the tabletop can be utilised. Besides the

perfect result, great savings in time and cost are obtained by using the Rollover Laminator.

Laminating digital prints

The great flexibility of the rollover laminating system is already evident in conventional laminating in which digital prints may be coated with protective laminates. Especially when using formats covering the full working surface of the Rollover, these jobs can be done quickly and without bubbles or creases.

Assembly of oversize media

By using the generously spaced side shelves, wide banners or other oversize media can be handled across the tabletop. This allows e.g. multi-line foil labels and digital prints to be transferred to large formats.

The Rollover as work station

Last but not least, when cutting on the self-healing cutting mat or even working with flexible skins and hoardings, Rollover offers with its back-lit work area the best basis to cope with an advertising technicians everyday strive.

The advantages

Free access to the roller

One of the most significant advantages of the Rollover Applicator is the free access to the main element when laminating – the roller. The patented design with no gliding beam above the roller accommodates in an unobstructed manner all sorts of laminating jobs. The easy handling enables one individual to operate most applications, leading to considerable savings in time and cost.

Easy one-hand operation

By using the ergonomically shaped and inward-facing  handles, the roller can be moved easily over the tabletop both in a raised and lowered position.

Protected activation button

Being positioned at the end of the inward facing handles, the activation button for raising and lowering of the roller is protected against unintentional use. This reduces substantially the risk of work accidents.

Solid, illuminated work station

Even the standard version Rollover comes with an illuminated glass tabletop. This is a great help in every task demanding high level of accuracy e.g. positioning of detailed graphics on glass and transparent acrylic. The self-healing cutting mat provides increased functionality and flexibility  of this work station. When designing the laminator, great attention has been paid to the solidity of the construction and a high level of craftsmanship.

Key Features

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Rollover is made in Norway by: Brdr. Hansen AS Ramstadløkka 3 , 1850 Mysen                                                                                                                         


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