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Wilenco can provide complete service for your large format printer, cutter and RIP software. From a relatively simple schedule service through to complex intermittent fault or print quality issue involving the interaction between multiple pieces of equipment we have the knowledge and experience to help get you back in production. With an IT specialist on staff we are able to effectively deal with your system as a whole rather than just your printing equipment in isolation.



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  • Service Overview

    Print output is the result of the interaction between the components such as your printer/plotter, PC, rip, media, file, operating environment etc. None of these items works alone and it is important that whoever you trust to look after your equipment understands the operation and interaction between all the parts of your complete system. At Wilenco we do have this understanding and we are able to view your system as a whole when assessing any print issues you may be having.


    Summary of Services



    Authorised Mutoh service agent and servicing most other brands of printers and plotters

    Preventative maintenance (schedule) servicing

    Repair and resolution of print quality issues


    RIP Software

    EasySIGN distributor and reseller for Caldera, SAi (Flexi Sign) and Onyx rips.

    Sales, upgrades, installations, setups



    Operator training

  • Printer and Plotter Service

    The importance of schedule servicing cannot be overstated. All large format printers have components that are consumed with use and should be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer s guidelines. If you do not replace them they will deteriorate, eventually getting to the point where you will, at best, get print quality issues through to a worst case situation where the failing part causes damage to a more significant part of the printer such as the print head. Similar to when you get your car serviced the scheduled printer service also allows our technician to check, lubricate and adjust all the relevant non consumable mechanical parts of the printer as well as install any required firmware updates.



    The best way to maintain your print quality, minimise your downtime and look after your investment is to talk to us about establishing a service routine for your equipment.

  • Printer and Plotter Repair

    When something goes wrong you want it fixed as soon as possible. We understand that. Contact us as soon as you can and remember, the more information that you can give us (such as: what you were doing, what did/did not happen, RIP, media, what  fixes you may have already tried etc) the better we will be able to assess the possible area of the problem.

  • Service IT Equipment

    Don't neglect your IT. A well managed system will improve your productivity, allow you to concentrate on what is important (doing business rather than running your business) and provide security for your data.


    We can assess your system, discuss your current and future requirements and then advise you on the best option for your business. Options can range from a single workstation through to a full replacement system including VOIP, print room integration, satellite locations and remote access.


    Want the security of knowing that your system is being maintained and that you have someone to call if you have a problem? Support contracts are available for new and existing systems - call us to discuss

VJ Printing Guide

VJ Cleaning Guide

Print & Cut Overview

The Valuejet Printing Guide

Optimise your output to suit your requirements on a job by job basis. A guide to Print Modes, Wave Forms and Effects to help you understand what they do and select the right combination for the job at hand.

Valuejet User Maintenance

A guide to cleaning the cap, wiper and around the print head. The video depicts a VJ1604 but the technique is similar across the range. Refer to your user manual for model specific instruction.

Separate Print and Cut - The Mutoh Way

Mutoh choose to not make a combined print and cut device. Why? Click on the link to discover the advantages to you of separate print and cut and why this is the Mutoh Way.


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